Reviewing TVs used to be a lot easier. Just a few years ago, plasma sets were known for their superior blacks, LEDs were known to be brighter and thinner; and the very best technologies were reserved solely for the flagship models from a select handful of manufacturers. As such, the chasm separating the good from the great was relatively wide and deep. That’s not the case any longer, and it’s made buying a TV just as challenging as reviewing one.

Today we have OLED TVs, FALD (full array local dimming), 4K UHD resolutions, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) to think about. I’ve always said you can judge a market’s complexity by the number of acronyms in its lexicon, and as you can see, the world of TVs has gotten pretty complicated.

At least we can still count on flagship TV models to set the high bar, and there is perhaps no better example of this than the Samsung KS9800 series which, while far from flawless, clearly displays the kind of picture quality we should expect in the future.

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