Volkswagen Golf R Estate review: The ultimate fast, all-weather estate

It is sometimes said that a Volkswagen Golf is the car for everyone. But who is everyone? There’s now an electric Golf and a hybrid Golf in among the regular diesel and petrol Golfs, plus a powerful diesel one and a powerful petrol one.

But which powerful petrol Golf? The answer to that question used to be easy – it was called a Golf GTi, and in the latest seventh generation hatchback bodyshell it’s a very fine drive indeed. But in a world of hot hatches that sport as much power as a two-generation-old Ferrari, VW needed something more than a GTi. Step forward the Golf R.

We’ve driven the hatchback Golf R briefly, and liked it a lot. But what if your spatial needs extend a bit beyond a regular 5-door family hatch? Then a Golf estate could be the perfect answer. Thing was, up until recently, if you wanted a Golf estate with much engine power you were rather stuck. But now Volkswagen has put a rocket under the estate version of the car for everyone, by creating the Golf R Estate.

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