Razer Wolverine Ultimate review

Two years ago, Microsoft proved that there’s market for a $149 (£129/AU$195) premium Xbox controller. Given the price, the online competitive multiplayer gamer-centric Xbox Elite Wireless Controller certainly wasn’t made for player two, but according to many of those who owned it, it was worth every penny.

Because of its inclusion of rubberized grips, swappable buttons and customizable paddles, that controller gained a following with Xbox One and Windows 10 PC owners looking to step up their skill levels, whether in Overwatch, Titanfall 2 or the long-sanctified Call of Duty. It also gained traction with a sprinkling of single-player gamers as well, largely for the same reasons.

So it should come as no surprise that third-party peripheral makers would want to hop aboard the primo controller train, drawing influence from Microsoft’s top-end gamepad and Scuf Gaming’s top-end customizable controllers before it. The most obviously inspired Xbox Elite carbon copy with a twist is none other than the Razer Wolverine Ultimate – a supremely well-crafted controller that nearly outclasses Microsoft’s own first-party controller.

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