Q Acoustics M7 review

You don’t always need large dimensions to be powerful and a first listen to the Q Acoustics M7 is certainly proof of that.

A 2.1 sub-sat package, the M7 incorporates two satellite speakers and the sub from the Q7000i 5.1 package, which we described as a ‘substantial leap forward in music and movie sound quality’, and pairs them with the new Q-AVA compact stereo amp.

It’s an interesting setup that angles itself at both a TV audience, and one looking for a powerful stereo setup without the bulk.


The small satellites remain unchanged from what we’ve seen before, each pill-shaped unit standing just 24cm tall and packing two 75mm long-throw mid/bass drivers and a 25mm tweeter.

The speaker terminals are hidden in the base, which also swivels around to allow you to wall mount them should you wish (though this is more likely to be of use in a 5.1 setup).

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