Renault Megane 2016 review: Dynamique or dud?

This is the fourth-generation Renault Megane – the French company’s mid-sized family hatchback, which has been with us since 1995. In that time, Renault has sold over a half a million of the things in the UK.

Whereas its Volkswagen Golf competitor evolves subtly with each iteration, Renault’s hatchbacks have tended to change significantly each time they’re updated. And so it goes with the 2016 Megane – a sharp-suited, yet softly surfaced car, replacing the slightly blobby and bland previous offering.

Whereas once Renault offered a multitude of Megane types – 3-door coupe, folding hard top, MPV – the new car will come as 5-door hatch, sport tourer estate and saloon only. So if you’re looking for sporty, the 5-door is about as good as it gets.

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