Logitech Z625 Review

Logitech Z625: Detailed Review

Let’s face it, good desktop 2.1 speakers are quite difficult to come by. So when a particular speaker system starts generating positive buzz, especially for being gaming and console focused, we can’t help but be curious. The Logitech Z625, as it turns out, is the updated version of its predecessor – the now good old Z623. By updated, we mean that it’s mostly the exact same speaker, except for the one important addition of an optical input. The optical input might not sound like a big deal, at least not as much as warranting a new SKU, but the fact is, it greatly expands the use case scenarios for these speakers. With one seemingly innocuous addition, your console or your TV can be connected to it via a more efficient, and usually higher quality connectivity mechanism. If you are keen to find out how they sound, the one word answer is “great”. Of course, the more nuanced answer is below for those who want more than the tl;dr version. But first, let’s start with what meets the eye.

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