LG OLEDC7P review

The LG C7 has the best image quality I’ve ever tested. It’s an improvement on the previous champs, LG’s OLED TVs from last year, and outperforms any LCD-based TVs I’ve seen, including Samsung’s new QLED-based Q7 model.

It’s also the cheapest 2017 OLED TV so far, with the exception of the B7, a nearly twin model which costs $50 less and is exclusive to club retailers like Costco and BJ’s. And it has the same picture quality as more-expensive models like the E7, which I reviewed at the same time.

In other words, the C7 is the high-end TV to beat in 2017.

The only catch is that it’s really expensive: as of April 20, 2017, the 55-incher costs $3,000 and the 65-incher costs $4,500. Before you dip into your retirement fund, you should know four things:

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