LG OLED C6 4K TV review: The curved OLED master

When the term “OLED” is uttered around people who like TVs, there’s a twitch of excitement. An eye sparkles, an eyebrow raises, a corner of the mouth curls into a smile. That all comes down to the reputation that OLED has acquired: movie fans want to own an OLED TV, while LCD-LED TV manufacturers want to out-perform OLED TVs.

Where once the message was all about curved OLED, now it’s only this C6 that offers a curved display in the LG range, which also houses a full line-up of flat OLED panels, too, in the G, E and B ranges. Of those four, the 55-inch LG OLED C6 – with its catchy OLED55C6V name – is the most affordable proposition, matching the price point of its flat B6 sibling. Is it the 4K OLED TV to buy?

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