LG 55LH5750 HD TV Review : Snappy 55-Inch HD TV

Kết quả hình ảnh cho LG 55LH5750 HD TV

For many families, a 55-inch TV is the Goldilocks size, and at less than $500, the LG 55LH5750-UB LCD set also has a just-right price. Although this LCD model with LED backlighting may be less expensive than the top-tier OLED sets LG is known for, the 55LH5750-UB is no slouch. It uses a version of the webOS smart TV interface, which is colorful and easy to use, and delivers a faithful HD 1080p picture. Like other sets in this budget category, the LG 55LH5750 doesn’t support the 4K/ultra-HD or HDR (high dynamic range) formats, but it’s fine for watching the majority of high-definition broadcasts and discs currently available.

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