Intex LED B4301 UHD SMT Review

Intex LED B4301 UHD SMT: Detailed Review

The TV market in India has been undergoing a sea change over the past year or so. As 4K TVs become more affordable, it is easy to push the pixels on your living room screen. Amongst the many such offerings today is Intex’s 43-inch 4K UHD Smart television. But, unlike smartphones, cheaper televisions still come with pretty drastic compromises. A 4K smart television sounds good on paper, but at the same time, it doesn’t always meet the standards the market leaders like Samsung, LG and Sony set. The question though is whether those compromises are worth the money saved.

Build and Design

Out of the box, you will notice the utilitarian design of the Intex TV. Barring the semi-circular, metallic stand, the TV doesn’t make any efforts to look and feel like a high-end television.

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