Hisense 65R8F Review

Unlike most TV manufacturers, Hisense doesn’t embrace a single smart TV platform, instead offering your choice of Android TV or Roku TV. The Hisense R8F is the Roku TV version of the H8F, with the same strong picture quality and input lag bundled with a Roku-based interface instead of Android TV. The two TV lines also share the same light bloom issues, which are easily forgivable considering the budget-friendly asking price (the 65-inch 65R8F we tested is available for $649.99). Roku TV isn’t filled with quite as many features as Android TV, but it’s simpler to use while still packing a massive selection of streaming apps and services. Either Hisense line punches well above its weight in contrast and color, and is worth your attention if you’re looking for a capable 4K HDR TV for a low price.

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