Bryston BCD-3 review

Why buy a dedicated CD player like the Bryston BCD-3? It’s a fair question in this age of streaming and file downloads. The answer is surprisingly simple. It’s good.

If you have a large collection of discs and don’t have the inclination to move to computer-based audio, this Bryston CD player could be what you need.


It will come as no surprise to anyone that follows this Canadian brand that the BCD-3 is a purist affair. It’s a plain, understated box that at a glance could pass for a budget machine.

That impression fades when you see the unit in the metal and notice the thick aluminium front panel and general solidity of build – this is clearly a premium product with a quality of build that matches the price. It’s available in a black or silver finish.

Bryston’s reputation is built on tough professional gear – things that are designed to work year in and out while taking plenty of abuse – and that ruggedness has been carried over into every product we’ve tested from the brand. The BCD-3 is no different.

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