Moto Z2 Force Hands-on Review : Cool Mods, Dual Cameras, Weaker Battery

Motorola is relaunching itself as a smartphone brand, and it’s starting with a new Moto Z2 Force. Starting at $30 per month (or about $799 unlocked), the modular handset is thinner, lighter and packs Snapdragon 835 power as well as dual cameras. And it retains the shatterproof design and support for swappable Moto Mods that set this series apart.

Those Motos Mods will include a new 360 camera for $299 that Motorola unveiled alongside the Moto Z2 Force. And unlike last year’s Moto Z Force, the Z2 Force will be available through all major carriers. We just wish Motorola included less bezels and more battery capacity on its phone.

There are 26 Moto Mods available, and there are more coming on board, such as the $79 Moto Gamepad, which includes physical controls and its own battery. The new 360 camera shoots fully immersive videos in 4K with 3D sound. There’s four directional mics built in. You can also live stream 360 video.

According to Motorola, Moto Mods are the number one driver for purchase intent for the Moto Z series, and there’s 80 to 95 positive sentiment around them.

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