Avantree TC418 Bluetooth transmitter review: Play your legacy audio gear through any Bluetooth speaker

Stream audio to two discrete Bluetooth devices with this easy, versatile transmitter

This tiny dual Bluetooth-transmitter accepts signals from your legacy gear and also serves as a USB audio interface, so you can transmit from your computer. It sounds great and has about a 30-foot range.

Streaming to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones from a phone, mobile device or Bluetooth-enabled TV can be super convenient. But some of us have a cornucopia of legacy audio gear that we’d like to stream from as well. No one wants to toss a beloved turntable, stereo receiver, CD player, AM/FM radio, or the like just because it was manufactured before the age of Bluetooth.

Enter Avantree with its TS418 Bluetooth dual-transmitter. The TC418 not only offers both analog and light-pipe digital inputs, it will also stream audio from just about any device (computer, phone, etc.) that supports USB audio.

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