Audioengine HD3 Bluetooth Speakers Review


There’s no denying it, Audioengine HD3 is quite an attractive package, especially with the wood finishes. The brushed aluminium strips also offer a touch of contrast, which works well aesthetically. AudioEngine have also included a number of connection options with the HD3. There is a set of RCA inputs, as well as outputs (to be used for an external subwoofer), separate 3.5mm input and outputs, as well as USB in.

Audioengine HD3

This means that Audioengine HD3 has a built-in DAC, which means you could have a very tidy desktop setup without the need for a dedicated external DAC or AMP. A big bonus here though is the inclusion of Bluetooth, as well as Apt-X. This means that you don’t need a separate wireless system to listen to, from your phone for example. Instead, it’ll play from your phone when it’s connected via Bluetooth, or from your computer. Quite nifty!

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