Astell & Kern AK70 mkII review

We don’t give pet names to all products passing through our test rooms, so the fact the original AK70 has the adopted name “Misty” (after its unique ‘misty mint’ finish) in our office is a sure sign of our affection for it. It’s almost as telling as the Award we gave it in 2016, in fact.


Clearly we will have to think of a nickname for the mkII version too. Despite its greater cost, it is even more worthy of our adoration.

Sadly, we’ll have to drop the reference to “Misty” though – the mkII ditches the green-blue colour for a more classic black finish.

That’s the most obvious visual distinction between the two players, though smaller aesthetic variances include: the textured pattern on the volume dial now being waves rather than speckles, and the player’s slight increase in width (up 2.5mm), thickness (2mm) and weight (18g).

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