Ring Protect vs Nest Secure: Home alarm showdown

Home security is one of the first places many smart home upgraders begin, and the past few weeks have had some high-profile entrants to the arena. First came Nest, with its long-anticipated Nest Secure. Today, Ring Protect arrived to offer a competitively priced alternative. So, how do Ring and Nest compare?

How much to get started?

Ring is undercutting Nest significantly. Ring Protect kicks off at $199 for the starter kit, which includes the base station, a separate keypad, a single door/window sensor, a movement sensor, and a Z-Wave extender. In contrast, Nest Secure’s starter kit is a hefty $499. That gets you the Nest Guard hub, two Nest Detect sensors – which double as motion and door/window sensors – and two Nest Tags, the NFC key fobs which can be used to deactivate the system without a PIN.

It’s clear, then, that Ring packs the most punch for your dollars. Both systems are intended to be easy to install, without calling on the assistance of professionals. Still, if a few screws and adhesive pads is still beyond your scope, Nest will offer professional installation – for a fee.

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