Why Exactly Would a Photographer Want the Panasonic G100?

The Panasonic G100 doesn’t have in-body image stabilization on the sensor, but it has its 5 Axis Hybrid IS system.

Besides being a terribly kept secret, the Panasonic G100 camera is boasting a whole lot in terms of upgrades and features. But, most of those are catered to the content creator. However, considering how much Panasonic has brought the tech in their Micro Four Thirds cameras forward, there’s still a lot packed into there. Unfortunately, they removed in body image stabilization in favor of a super small camera body. But, the company demonstrated to us how their Hybrid IS system works in a video. It uses a gyrosensor built into the camera and a few other tricks. In addition to all that, Panasonic emphasized to us just how bright both the LCD and the EVF are.

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