10 of the world’s most expensive TVs

We’ve thought long and hard about whether a TV costing north of £6000/$7,980 could possibly win a What Hi-Fi? Award. But that’s a petty consideration when you look at these 10 lavish televisions…

When it comes to buying a new TV, most of us will happily brace ourselves to spend as much as we can afford. Few of us, though, are likely to think anyone ever need spend much more than a few thousand.

Well, somebody somewhere obviously disagrees, because the TVs on this list make a 77in OLED look cheap.

Some are huge, some are hideous, some are merely ridiculous. But whatever you think of them, they’re some of the most expensive TVs ever made.

Feast your eyes. And when it’s time to upgrade your TV, think yourself lucky you don’t have to save up for one of these.

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