Windows File Recovery tool is Microsoft’s free fix for deleted docs

Microsoft has released a new, free tool to help restore inadvertently deleted or corrupted data, with the new Windows File Recovery tool promising to save your lost Windows 10 data. While you might think that, in this age of numerous cloud backup services, lost files would no longer be a problem, anyone staring forlornly at their recycle bin wondering where their latest folder disappeared to will know that’s not the case.

File recovery software isn’t new, but it’s often a less than pleasant experience to use. For a start, most developers of such apps know that their target audience is likely to be strongly motivated to fix a bad delete situation, and as such willing to pay handsomely for an app which promises to restore missing files.

Windows File Recovery for Windows 10, in contrast, is a free download from the Microsoft Store. It’s designed to work with Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher, and will run on both x86 and ARM builds. It’s also a very small download: under 9MB, probably because it runs at the command line, Thurrott points out, rather than having a fancy UI.

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