The list of top computer tools for college students

With the beginning of the academic year, the learning format slowly fades away. Students return to their classes and attend lectures on campus. Yet, technologies remain as crucial as they were during online education. That’s why it is essential to maintain your workspace and make sure everything works perfectly fine. 

Many students switch computers to laptops. And that’s understandable. Laptops give you a sense of flexibility, allowing you to open the lid wherever you are and work on essential matters. For instance, they can turn to experts from WriteMyEssayOnline asking to write an assignment ASAP. 

Still, some students haven’t been enticed to that and keep using PCs at home. They value the spirit of robust hardware, solid processors, motherboards, and many more components that make a computer indeed a device. But, it doesn’t matter whether you have two graphics cards or a top-notch display. What you need is the following tools. They will help you get through the academic year, pass your classes with flying colors, and maintain your machine in good shape.

The List of Best Digital Tools

It is no surprise that we are where we are, thanks to the Internet. The World Wide Web has made our lives significantly more manageable, but many forget to benefit from it. The Internet isn’t confined to social media platforms. It has a lot more useful apps, which might come in handy, especially when you are a student. Let’s look at them more in-depth.

Google Podcasts

Education is a life-long process. Academia doesn’t provide us with all the information. And once we graduate, it doesn’t mean we can stop learning things. Google Podcasts is an outstanding app aimed at improving your expertise on various subjects. The great thing about Google Podcasts is that it is free, user friendly, and fast. You can pre-download podcasts and listen to them offline while on the go, commuting to school, riding a bike, etc.

Google Drive

When you have a PC, it is critical to exchange files between devices quickly. Flash drives are a thing of the past. You want your files to be updated every time you make changes to them. This is when Google Drive comes into play. The app is a file storage service that keeps any file under lock and key. Not only that, it lets you make changes to it and synchronize it among your gadgets.

Google Docs

Essay writing is common in college. Every student has to generate mountains of papers, so knowing where to write them is essential. While many spend lots of time using Word or even handwriting, think two steps ahead. Google Docs is a powerful word processor that works in your browser. Besides being swift and responsive, it automatically saves your writings, so you don’t have to worry about lost progress. And, of course, you can reach your documents from any gadget by signing in to your Google Drive account.


As was mentioned, writing is prevalent in school. And it manifests in various forms, from essays and projects to speeches and presentations. Regardless, all these activities require good writing skills, i.e., the fewer mistakes you make, the higher your chances of scoring an A. 

Indubitably, writing crystal clear texts is almost impossible; even the most prolific writers commit mistakes when drafting papers (that’s why they all have editors). With Grammarly, you can compose pieces that are grammatically and lexically correct. The tool screens your writing and highlights any error, explaining why it occurred and suggesting how to correct it.

The List of Best Computer Tools

Digital tools aren’t the only ones that should be in your kit. Besides them, consider purchasing some items from the below list. They will guarantee the cleanliness and ability to handle heavy operations. 

Isopropyl Alcohol, Cotton Swabs

It might sound ludicrous, but maintaining your workspace is vitally important. You want your PC to be clear from any errors, be they internal or external. Therefore, isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs are a must to keep your place neat and clean. Make a habit of wiping your keyboard, display, mouse, and other parts of your PC before using it. 

Compressed Air

This thing doesn’t only come in handy to blow out crumbs that are stuck in your keyboard. Compressed air is good for cleaning the PC block and mouse. It should always be in your toolbox, mainly because it costs nothing.

SSD Hard Drive

Being a more advanced PC user–for instance, if you study programming or IT–you might want to keep specific files in separate storage. Keeping them on Google Drive might neither be convenient nor always possible. So the best solution to this is to buy an SSD hard drive. The size of the tool depends on your needs. But either way, today’s SSD hard drives are compact and light so that you can carry them in your bag. 

High-Quality Headsets

Student routine is often stressful. And the best way to blow off some steam is to watch a movie, listen to music, or play some computer games. These three have one thing in common – sound. High-quality headsets will take you to a different world of bass, sensitive frequencies, velocity, and amplitude. Using good headsets will also help you relax and restore your concentration.

Good Keyboard

Since typing is an everyday activity, make sure to invest in a keyboard. Not only will a good keyboard enable you to type more quietly and smoothly, but you will also manage to double your typing speed. Therefore, you will be able to complete more tasks within a shorter time frame. 

Adjustable Monitor Stand

Maintaining the posture is of extreme importance. You should sit up straight while working at the desk. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, and students forget to watch their posture. The underlying problem tends to be in the display and its position. When the display isn’t parallel to the eyes, the chances are the person will end up slouchy. If you can’t afford an adjustable monitor, take a look at an adjustable monitor stand. It’s cheap and effective.

Blue-light-blocking glasses

Students always burn the midnight candle, finishing their tasks before the deadline. Researchers report that students find it difficult to fall asleep and have good-quality sleep because of working long hours. The best way to increase melatonin and improve students’ sleep is to wear blue-light-blocking glasses after 8 p.m. Take that into account if you are prone to working late before a tough day.