How To Use Selenium WebDriver for Cross Browser Testing

Selenium is a famous automated testing structure that is fundamentally utilized for cross-program testing. It is open source and is great for automating testing of web applications across various programs like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and so on. In this blog, let’s discuss how this Selenium Web Driver helps in Cross Browser testing. Selenium certification training program assists you with learning automation testing and becoming an ensured A4Q Selenium Tester.

Let’s start this blog with a brief introduction to Cross Browser Testing. 

What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross program testing alludes to testing a site in numerous programs like IE, Chrome, Firefox to really take a look at its adequacy on each. The cross-program similitude is the limit of the website or web application to work across different projects and working frameworks.

In any case, physically testing a site across various programs is extraordinarily monotonous. Consider a circumstance wherein 20 experiments must be executed physically. Presently envision that similar tests must be run on five distinctive programs. The time taken turns out to be dramatically more. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that these tests are computerized utilizing Selenium, they can be run at the same time and in undeniably less time. It will likewise forestall any issue emerging from human mistakes.

Now. Let’s see exactly what Selenium WebDriver is and why it is used for testing. 

What is Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver is a web system that allows you to execute cross-program tests. This device is utilized for automated web-based application testing to check that it performs expectedly. Selenium WebDriver permits you to pick any programming language you need to make test scripts.

Selenium is essentially utilized to automate the testing across different internet browsers. It upholds different programs like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and IE, and also allows you to automate browser testing across these programs easily by utilizing Selenium WebDriver.

After understanding what exactly selenium WebDriver and Cross browser testing are you must be wondering why we actually need this. So let me clear this query for you. 

Why Do We Require Cross Browser Testing?

Each site is involved in three significant innovations for example HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Nonetheless, there are a number of innovations in the backend like Python, Ruby, and so forth that can be utilized. In any case, in the front end, and in the delivery, just these three innovations are utilized.
Additionally, every program utilizes a totally unique delivering motor to process these three innovations. For instance, Chrome utilizes Blink, Firefox utilizes Gecko and IE utilizes edge HTML and Chakra, on account of which a similar site would be delivered totally diversely by this load of various programs. What’s more, that is actually why you need cross-program testing. That implies the site should turn out completely great, in all the distinctive program renditions and in various working frameworks. So to guarantee that it turns out great, cross-program testing is required. 

Alongside that, I have recorded a couple of reasons that portray the requirement for Cross Browser Testing. 

  • Program similarity with various OS. 
  • Every program has an alternate direction of Javascript which can cause issues at times. 
  • Text dimension confounds or is not delivered as expected. 
  • Similarity with the new web structure. 
  • CSS,HTML approval contrast can be there. 
  • Some programs still do not support HTML5.

Now, let’s move further and see how to use selenium Webdriver for Cross Browser Testing.

How to Use Selenium WebDriver for Cross Browser Testing?

Cross-program testing is fundamentally running a similar arrangement of experiments on various occasions on various programs. This kind of rehashed task is most appropriate for mechanization. Hence, it’s more expensive and time-viable to play out this testing by utilizing devices. Presently we should perceive how it is performed utilizing a selenium web driver. 

Step 1: If we are utilizing Selenium WebDriver, we can computerize experiment cases utilizing Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari programs. 

Step 2: To execute cases with various programs in a similar machine simultaneously we can coordinate the TestNG structure with Selenium WebDriver. 

Step 3: Finally, you can compose the cases and execute the code.

Best Practices for Cross Browser Testing in Selenium

Coming up next are best practices that ought to be clung to while performing multi-program testing utilizing Selenium.

  • Testing web applications requires libraries and structures. Thus, Choose libraries and systems circumspectly.
  • JavaScript assumes a significant part in web application improvement, so it is essential to utilize the right JavaScript assets that meet webpage necessities and offer viable program support.
  • You need to confirm which program, program renditions, and OS are needed to perform cross-program testing utilizing Selenium.
  • Web Explorer doesn’t uphold progressed CSS styles and systems. In this way, Optimize Internet Explorer

With this, we reach the conclusion of this blog on Cross Browser Testing utilizing Selenium Webdriver. Performing cross-program testing utilizing Selenium is of most extreme significance as it guarantees that the web application is cross-program viable and gives a powerful client experience no matter how you look at it.

I trust you comprehended the concept and it increased the value of your insight with this Selenium tutorial.

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