eCommerce Website Security: How to Protect Yourself and Your Customers

In today’s word, we have become more open to e-commerce. Nowadays, a lot of young entrepreneurs are targeting the internet for business. Unfortunately, it has become a dangerous place as there is always a dark side to technology. Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming a real threat to online business owners and people who deal with these companies. Sometimes, when you start a new business, you may think that you are too small to be targeted. However, thieves stalk little fish more because they know that their security is easy to breach. That’s why you should protect yourself and your clients by securing your website in multiple ways. 

Store What You Need

Sometimes, the default settings in a platform are storing all of the information that a client enters. That data may include their address, e-mails, passwords, and credit card numbers. These can pose a huge liability for your reputation if you lose them or if your website gets hacked. Numerous people will be robbed and will find that their private information is being used against them. So, you should store what you will use only and automatically delete any sensitive data. 

Take Care of Passwords

After installing a new feature or adding an advertisement to your website, you should change all passwords. If you keep using the old ones you entered on other platforms, it will be like giving hackers the key to your website on a silver platter. So, you need to update them frequently to avoid any surprise attacks.

Some owners prefer to add a password to their start-up page. When you search for their website, all of the content will be hidden except for the box that you’re supposed to type in the required code. That way, they will allow chosen customers to view their content after passing a robot identification as well. 

Implement PCI Compliant 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard should be the framework of any security plan of a website that uses money transactions. It builds a firewall and continuously upgrades it. Moreover, it closes any loopholes, exposes vulnerabilities, gives each customer a unique ID, and reviews daily logs. That way, it provides the ultimate protection to cardholders against tracking, hacking, and identity theft.  

However, you need to check for the authenticity of the PCI you are using. That’s why consultants at recommend using an assessment platform to test for the PCI DSS credibility. That way, you will guarantee that the credit card information is completely secured against theft. 

Hire Third-Party Payment Processor 

You will be looking over your shoulders if you are the one responsible for protecting your clients’ data, cash, and security codes. To get rid of that headache, you should get yourself out of the equation by hiring a third party money processing provider that has all transactions done through them. You will be free to invest your time in broadening your reach area and increasing products. That way, you will lay back and have your money delivered to you without much effort.

Encrypt Messages

Sometimes, a message gets intercepted midway. However, if you use encryption, even if an intruder opens the email, they won’t be able to understand it. SSL is one of the best digital certificates that encodes data transferred between the browser and the webserver. Furthermore, when the customer finds the hypertext locked, they will trust you more and won’t hesitate to deal with you. 

Choose a Secure Platform 

Instead of buying add-ons to your website to increase security, you can choose a secure platform from the start. Some of them come with built-in features that protect you against malware and cross-site scripting. Others are responsible for network monitoring and perform regular backups so that you can go back to your data at any time. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and determine which level of security you need for your business. 


You should trademark your brand name, even if you are using a unique domain. You will need an attorney to pursue the legal documents. Copyright breaches are widespread now because of how easy it is to steal other people’s ideas through the internet. So, by protecting yourself from the start by having papers that trace the idea back to you, any infringer will owe you a considerable compensation. 

It is not hard to protect everyone against cyber fraud. You just need to follow the security steps and rules without underestimating the intelligence of criminals. No matter how small your e-commerce website is, you may still be a target for blackmail and theft. It is always better to be safe than sorry.