Prestige 420 Fly review: Performance upgrade transforms this entry-level model

The 420 Fly is more than a mid-life facelift of an existing model. With new engines and an improved interior layout, is the entry-level Prestige better than ever?

There are some things that you expect of Prestige and some that you don’t. Expected: spacious interiors, practical design and an eye-catching starting price. Unexpected: performance, which may not knock your socks clean off but certainly gives them a good tug.

It’s not outright speed we’re talking about here, that is in line with the rest of Prestige’s models, almost all of which top out at around 30 knots and cruise at 22. No, it’s the unexpected mid-range grunt that makes you sit up in the helm seat and take notice.

For anyone who has driven a boat with the 6.7-litre 425hp Cummins this won’t actually come as much of a surprise as this is a motor whose peak torque of 1,424Nm comes in at 2,000rpm, meaning the surge in performance from 18 knots into the mid-20s is rampant.

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