Jeanneau Prestige 42S Sports Boat Review


The Jeanneau Prestige 42s turns a gale into a breeze. Jeanneau was known to test the strength of his vessels by having them flung across a field.

Main Features:

A helm platform allows the skipper to see over the windscreen. There’s room for a tender in the garage.

“Jeanneau 42S Prestige – Bluster Buster”

My local sailing club has a rule that racing is abandoned when the wind gets over 30 knots. If it’s teetering around 30 knots then the races often still go ahead but when the gusts get close to 40 (a gale) then it’s all over. It felt like one of those days as I headed over to rose Bay to meet up with Mark Elliot.

As tree branches flew across the road, I had my doubts that the Jeanneau crew would risk taking the glistening three-quarter of a million dollar 42s Prestige out in these conditions.

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