Women’s health tech: What’s next

Women’s health tech is on the verge of something big – Fitbit gets serious and startups get ambitious

Before we started to think of women as three-dimensional human beings, TV shows could serve us up groups of female friend stereotypes. You remember. The sexy one. The ditzy one. The uptight one. And for a while that’s what innovation in women’s health wearables has felt like. The fertility one. The breastfeeding one. The pelvic floor one.

Of course, when it comes to health tech rather than TV characters, the more specific the better. But despite some brilliant ideas – from smart bras and bracelets that cool you down to a fingernail UV sensor – and a few notable investment rounds, we haven’t seen a runaway, mainstream success either. We haven’t seen the Oculus Rift of women’s connected health tech yet.

Still, we’re excited about what’s happening in the space for two reasons – the ambition of the women’s health startups on the scene and the fact that the big players are finally, finally, getting involved.

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