Wetek Hub Android TV Media Player Review

What is the Wetek Hub?

The Wetek Hub is the latest 4K Ultra HD Android Media/ TV box from a company which has impressed us more, as time has gone by. Unlike many in the sector, Wetek has a history in releasing product to the market with already well developed firmware (and software) and, as shortcomings and bugs do appear, they’re proactive in addressing them via updates. They’re not alone in this level of support and service – notably Minix are even more prolific with post-release software releases – and, the Hub is broadly comparable to that company’s latest Android player, the U1. There are differences but the main processor in the Wetek is a revision of that in the Minix with, we are told, an improvement in the support of certain 10-bit HEVC Ultra HD files, although there’s no advertised support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wetek Hub Android TV Media Player Review

The Wetek Hub is priced (August 2016) at 89.00 Euro on Wetek’s online store, with delivery options to the UK currently starting at 10 Euro. Compared, specs-wise, to the nearly countless selection of Android TV Boxes you see over various online outlets, it might look pricey, but our experiences would tell us that it’s almost always worth paying a little more for something that (hopefully) works very well out of the box and doesn’t require hours of online frustration to get around inherent bugs in the software. Like its sister product, the Wetek Core, the Hub has the necessary licensing and accreditation to stream up to 1080p Netflix (and other services) which does make it quite unusual, although no match for the UHD HDR capabilities of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

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