We put the Fitbit Versa to the big race test

Putting Fitbit’s latest smartwatch through its paces when there’s a medal at stake

When you look at the Fitbit Ionic and the Versasmartwatches side by side, it’s the Ionic that really screams out, “I’m built for sports tracking”. It’s got the bigger, more robust looking design, sporty band, and crucially has that all important built-in GPS that makes it better equipped for tracking outdoor activities like running and cycling.

But the Versa can harness the GPS packed into your smartphone if you want more accurate route and distance tracking. Elsewhere it has pretty much all of the same features as the Ionic packed into a smaller, slimmer design.

So is the Versa that much worse off for tracking sports, especially when it costs less than the Ionic?

Fitbit Versa: Race test

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