Google Pixel 3 XL review: Winning the game by rewriting the rules

The Pixel 3 XL doesn’t have the best specs, the best design, or the best price. But it has a stellar user experience you can’t get in any other Android phone.

  • Incredibly fast and responsive.
  • AI calling features are simply mind-blowing.
  • The camera takes incredible pics even with lackluster hardware.
  • Display is fantastic and a massive improvement over the 2 XL.
  • The notch is distracting and the design is bland.
  • Camera could be even better with a dual lens.
  • Battery life is just OK.

pixel 3 xl back

Google hasn’t just made a great Android phone, it’s made a whole new Pixel.

After spending nearly a week with the Pixel 3 XL, my three first impressions of Google’s newest handset haven’t changed: It’s the fastest Android phone I’ve ever used. The cameras are awesome. The notch is an eyesore.

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