Hands-On with the Erato Apollo 7 wireless earbuds

There are wireless headphones and then there are truly wireless headphones. The Erato Apollo 7’s fall into the latter category. While not the first completely wireless earbuds—the Bragi Dash and others paved the way—these certainly feel like a big step in the right direction.

Erato took the Kickstarter path, and their pitch appears to be capturing the attention of backers. As of this writing, the company has garnered nearly twice its goal of $88,888.

Unlike most of the backers, I was fortunate enough to actually use these headphones on the CES Asia show floor. Fear not, backers: they’re beautiful, they really work, and they sound pretty good (which is more than we were able to say about the Bragi Dash).

The Apollo 7’s are expected to ship in June 2016 for $299, but if you back the project now, you can get them at the reduced price of $249.

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