Using Series 3 without an iPhone : This was an adventure

I used the Apple Watch Series 3 with no iPhone for a week – here’s how I got on

One of the best things a smartwatch can do is let us detach from the obsessive pull of our smartphones. To be able to go out and not feel the urge to reach for that black mirror every few minutes would be really nice, wouldn’t it?

Is that really possible? Thus far, it hasn’t been. There just isn’t a great amount of smartwatches with cellular connections to try out. Apple Watch Series 3, however, might be the best bet yet.

It’s got LTE, sure, but it’s also got a mature app ecosystem and all the bells and whistles, including things like GPS and Apple Pay, that could allow for a purely standalone experience. However, even though Apple’s own ads scream “the freedom of cellular” the Series 3 is only built for freedom in fleeting moments.

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