Under Armour HealthBox review : A dysfunctional family of connected kit

There’s something very promising about what UA HealthBox aims to deliver. I think it will be great one day, but there’s work to be done here, especially around that all important connected element. Then there’s the price. $400 is a lot of money for three bits of kit that you could probably buy alternatives individually for less. The Garmin Vivosmart costs around $90, a Garmin Run heart rate chest strap is about $99 and Garmin’s Wi-Fi scales can be snapped up for $150. That’s three devices for under $350. The software remains the key ingredient here though and if Under Armour continues to add more connected kit that feeds into the ecosystem, it would be worth investing in for the future. If you’re hoping for something that works perfectly out of the box, I’d hold onto your money.

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