The designers and brands we want to make Android Wear watches next

Some suggestions for Google and co

With Android Wear 2.0 about to drop and a sporty New Balance-Casio one two at CES, things are looking up for Google’s smartwatch platform.

For Tag, Fossil and Michael Kors it has allowed watchmaker and fashion brands to skip years of R&D and launch smartwatches with form factors that are true to their aesthetics and quality with bespoke watch faces and companion companion apps. Likewise sports and outdoors companies with existing watch ranges. Win win.

Our Android Wear partners wish list

We wrote in mid 2016 that you can categorise this new wave of Android Wear partners into sports and style. The first wave of Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony didn’t work out too well in terms of sales. Still, the latest is that LG and ZTE will be the next to come out with fresh Wear watches.

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