The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now – 2018 UPDATE

From Bragi Dash to Gear IconX, what’s on sale and what’s coming this year

Ears are an increasingly popular place for wearable tech to sit, with a number of smart headphone and hearable startups entering the space.

And it’s a busy time for the market, showing the appetite is certainly there for fitness coaches, personal assistants and language translators in our ear, with no bulky wrist accessory or cumbersome display necessary.

Below, we’ll explore devices which actually exist and which we’ve already tested, like the Bragi Dash Pro and Samsung Gear IconX 2018.

But in case you’re not quite ready to buy your first connected ear accessory, we’ve also detailed the smart earbuds and hearables to look forward to for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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