The best Apple Watch running apps tested

Plenty of runners will have their eye on the Apple Watch Series 2 for tracking runs and workouts. With GPS and a dedicated Nike+ version, the Apple Watchseems like a no-brainer – something that can we worn all day, before being taken out on the roads and trails.

But things aren’t that simple. Out of the box the Apple Watch is pretty basic for runners. What’s more, because GPS only appeared on the Series 2, a lot of third party apps don’t make use of it yet, meaning you need to take your phone along for the ride. And as we’ve written in the past – that can cause accuracy issues.

But the beauty of the Apple Watch is the versatility offered by apps and the selection is improving – slowly.

We’ve tested a range of Apple Watch running apps by going out and getting sweaty, to ensure you’re getting the best out of your smartwatch. Here’s what’s worth a download – and what to run a mile from.

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