Switch vs 3DS: Which Nintendo Console Is For You?

Given the massive popularity of the Nintendo Switch, you would think that Nintendo is getting ready to pull the plug on the 3DS. But the company’s dedicated handhelds continue to thrive, getting a steady stream of new games and even a slick hardware refresh in the New 2DS XL.

Nintendo's new 2DS, Switch and 3DS (from left). Credit: Tom's Guide

Nintendo’s new 2DS, Switch and 3DS (from left). Credit: Tom’s Guide

If you’re a Nintendo fan, this puts you in a tricky spot. Do you get the hot new $299 console that plays games both on your TV and on the go? Or the more affordable handheld that has one of the best game lineups of all time?

To help you make that choice, we’ve broken down how the Switch, 2DS and 3DS stack up against one another, factoring in everything from portability and game library to what you can do with them when you’re not gaming.

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