Sony PS4 Pro preview: Stunning 4K HDR gaming monster you can own very soon

When we reviewed the Xbox One S we thought Microsoft had Christmas in the bag. We’d heard of a new, more powerful PlayStation on the horizon, which went by the codenames PS4 Neo, PS4K and PS4.5, but didn’t in our wildest dreams think it would be available this year.


However, during a dedicated media event in New York City in September, Sony blew our socks off. Not only is the PS4 Pro real, not only is it capable of 4K HDR gaming, but it’s going to be available from next week, 10 November. And at the staggeringly low price of £349/$523.5 – some standard PS4 models cost that until very recently.

At the New York event we got to see some cool demos of the PS4 Pro in action, get up close to the console itself, and ask further questions about its capabilities. We then also got to play some of the games during a London showing more recently. Both times we’ve been impressed.

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