Sony PlayStation 4 Slim review

Have you heard? There’s a new PlayStation! It’s loads more powerful! It plays games in 4K! And… this isn’t it!

Yep, I hate to break it to you, folks – but this might not be the PlayStation you’re looking for. If you’re after the ultimate in console excellence, it’s probably the PS4 Pro, due out on 10 November.

But on the other hand, perhaps this – the PS4 Slim – actually is the PlayStation you’re looking for. It is, after all, the PS4 in its most affordable, most svelte and (spoiler alert) quietest form. And if you’ve not got a 4K TV or are a gamer of a more casual persuasion that should be a very tempting recipe.

So is the PS4 Slim as tasty as it sounds? To drag this food analogy to its painful conclusion, let’s say it’s just a pinch of seasoning short of winning Masterchef.

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