Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review: Worth buying on day one?

When Sony announced the PS4 Pro it drew many a gasp of breath. Not because of its faster central and graphics processing, but more for its timing. This was the machine many expected to be pitched against Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, a 4K gaming powerhouse due at the end of 2017. But Sony’s revelation was that its mid-generation upgrade would be coming in 2016 – just in time for Christmas.

Sony has seemingly adopted a mobile phone-style business plan – something that is likely to become the norm, we were told by a PlayStation executive during its New York launch event. Instead of waiting for a PlayStation 5 in 2020 (based on a usual seven-year cycle) we’ll get mid-cycle updates.

So where does that leave us? Is the PS4 Pro worthy of an upgrade so soon after the original console launched? Are its beefier bowels worth the extra wonga on day one?

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