Siri vs. Alexa : Why Amazon Won Our 300-Question Showdown

I’m an Android girl who loves her iPad mini and her Amazon Echo. I also plan to be the first to bow before Skynet, once Judgment Day truly arrives. But I want to make sure I’m backing the right robot voice. I said “Hey Siri” and “Alexa” more than 300 times to determine which of these two virtual assistants, bordering on AI, truly represent Cyberdyne Systems in its infancy, or whether I should just wait for Google Home.

Using an iPhone 6s with Hey Siri enabled and an Alexa-powered Amazon Echo, I asked questions to determine each assistant’s intelligence, speed, versatility and personality while both were connected to the same Wi-Fi network. I tested voice-recognition abilities at 1 foot and 11 feet; in a quiet room and in a room filled with static noise. I spoke slowly and distinctly, and at times I rushed through my words without raising my voice. And I asked the same questions many times.

Both Apple and Amazon offer special features, and so I wanted to know if their respective helpers could play me music, go shopping, give me directions, control my smart-home gadgets and keep me generally entertained.

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