Seiko Prospex SRP777 Dive Watch Review

Every now and then a new watch manages to vibrate at just the right frequency to perk the ears of the general watch enthusiast base. Rustling the fault line of watch enthusiasm takes a special watch, one that offers a hard-to-quantify mix of design, function, price, history, and the secret-sauce of enthusiast appeal. With an accessible price point, proven design, strong functionality and a dollop of that undeniable Seiko diver charm, the new Seiko Prospex SRP777 has quickly become the darling of Instagrammers, desk-divers, and general sport watch enthusiasts since its release late last year. No other brand manages to offer a better sport watch for less of your hard-earned money, and Seiko wisely builds upon the success of each model generation, evolving their product to reflect their ability, history, technology, and core strengths. Inspired by a Seiko diver from the mid-Seventies, the Seiko Prospex SRP777 and its siblings are a direct nod to Seiko’s past and a successful and unironic play in the ongoing trend of “new vintage” watches.

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