Samsung vs OnePlus: Another (flatter) Galaxy S9 in 2018?

A device popped up in regulatory filings this week that has us thinking: Could Samsung flip their script? In the last few years, Samsung’s released hero phones in two waves. Nearer the start of the year came the Galaxy S, then nearer the end, the Galaxy Note. With the device we’ve just seen, might Samsung try the OnePlus “T” strategy and risk enraging Galaxy S9 owners before releasing the Note 9?

The device we’re seeing here was shown in China’s communications regulation site TENAA. That’s somewhat like the FCC in the United States. But here, in China, we get to see all sorts of photos of devices before they’re officially revealed by their makers. This device is essentially a Samsung Galaxy S9 without the curved edges.

The images above are pretty tiny – but there’s not a lot to see that you’ve not seen before. It has two cameras on its back instead of the switching one between two apertures. See our Samsung Galaxy S9 Review to learn more about that neat bit of tech. There you’ll find a whole lot more in the visuals department, too.

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