Samsung Gear Sport Review

The smartwatch never had it easy. On the one hand, offer too small a list of skills and people question your value; on the other, do too much and the resulting complexity can overwhelm the wrist. Perhaps the Samsung Gear Sport, therefore, signposts the route through that tricky balance: by focusing resolutely on healthy living, can it also bypass those lingering questions of “why shouldn’t I just use my phone?”

Samsung‘s circular OLED is still nice, both colorful and straightforward to read outdoors, but the Gear Sport has a little less of it than its Gear S3 sibling. At 1.2-inches it’s a fraction smaller than the other watch, and combined with the fairly chunky case it leaves the Gear Sport feeling less refined and more like Samsung prioritized function over form.

The black model is sober and discreet, while the blue version edges toward toy-like. At least you can change the bands readily: Samsung used a standard 20mm strap, so while it will have rubber and leather options of its own by the end of the year, you can basically fit any band of that size yourself.

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