Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Review

Calling Bluetooth earbuds “cordless” when they still have a cord connecting them always seemed like a cheat to me, so I had high hopes for the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 edition. Revamping the original wire-free earbuds of last year with more battery life and faster charging, they’re a second chance for the company to take on Apple’s widely-esteemed AirPods. And, given they’ll play nicely with iOS devices just as they will Android, even iPhone owners are invited to the party.

Each Gear IconX 2018 earbud is a chunky little pod, studded with sensors and tipping the scales at 0.28 ounces apiece. They live in a carrying case which has a 340 mAh battery of its own. At 2.89 x 1.75 x 1.24 inches and 1.92 ounces it’s certainly compact – it’s also available in black, gray, or pink, matching the earbuds themselves – though it’s noticeably larger than Apple’s AirPods case, not to mention a little larger than the original IconX’s case. A Bluetooth pairing button on the back gets it hooked up to your Android or iOS device.

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