Phiaton BT 460 Bluetooth headphone review: Sleek, smart, and feature rich. But they sound best wired

Innovative features and strong battery life set these headphones apart from the pack. Unfortunately, their Bluetooth audio performance falls short.

Phiaton (pronounced FEE’ ah ton) derives its name from the Greek letter ϕ or “Phi” which was often used to represent the golden ratio. “Ton” has a double-meaning. It’s a nod to the word “tone,” which in English refers to the character and quality of sound. In French, “ton” to mean fashionable style.

Phiaton attempts to express all of those virtues in the company’s BT 460 Bluetooth wireless headphones. My review pair came in the newly released violet color, affectionately called the “Teddy Edition” on the packaging. Opening up the package, there’s a clear nod to style in these headphones. There seems to be this consistent, almost perfectly symmetrical oval theme to everything in the headphones. The ear cups and the ear pads have the same symmetry. This extends all the way to the shape of the including carrying case, which expresses almost the same exact oval shape and ratio. It’s no wonder Phiaton won the iF Product Design Award, among others, in 2016.

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