OPPO Watch is the stylish new fast-charging king of Wear OS smartwatches

The OPPO Watch has been officially revealed, though you’d be forgiven for having a sense of deja-vu at this Apple Watch-esque wearable. Looking a whole lot like the iPhone-only smartwatch, the OPPO Watch relies on Wear OS by Google – which means, of course, that it’ll work with both iPhone and Android devices – and offers both an integrated LTE option and a super-fast charging feature.

Indeed, OPPO’s decision to opt for such a – let’s be generous here – homage to the Apple Watch distracts from some areas where the OPPO Watch is actually fairly impressive. For a start, the company says, it’s the first smartwatch to use a dual-curved display with the 3D curved 1.91-inch AMOLED on the 46mm version.

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