OontZ BudZ 2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Quick Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho OontZ BudZ 2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Quick Review

Last year, OontZ released a couple of wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers in the country. This year, they’re offering the BudZ 2 Bluetooth earphones for those who prefer listening to their tunes wirelessly without breaking the bank.

Design and Construction

Like with most Bluetooth-enabled wireless earphones, the OontZ BudZ 2 has a sporty look yet subtle at the same time thanks to its all-black color.

It is water-resistant, with the exterior having a matte finish and printed with the OontZ logo. The middle is glossy while the inner part, the “Iso-Fit cushion”, has a non-slippery rubber-like finish.

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