Nyrius WS54 Hands-on Review : Wireless HD for the Whole House

As more and more devices become wireless, it seems that it should be easier to connect together all the TVs in the house without the mess of cables. Truth is that it’s not as simple as it seems. The new Nyrius WS54 (MSRP: $170) makes it about as simple as it can be. Plus, it works in a challenging situation where many other systems have failed.

Okay, I’ll admit this: I still have cable in my home. There are some shows that I can only get on cable, and for simplicity, it still can’t be beat. However, I refuse to pay up for an additional receiver to watch TV in other rooms in my house. And therein lies the problem: how do I get the signal from the cable box in my home theater to other TVs throughout the house? Add to that issue the fact that my home is multiple levels and built out of solid reinforced concrete. So far, I’ve tried two other systems to get an HD signal to a TV set up in my kitchen/breakfast nook. Neither one came close to getting the signal there.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nyrius WS54

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