Nreal Light smartglasses provide hope mixed reality for the masses will be here soon

MWC 2019: We get real with Nreal’s augmented reality specs

If you want in on proper mixed reality headsets right now, it’s going to cost you. Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is priced at $3,500 while Magic Leap One costs just shy of $3,000. It’s a big part of the reason why these high end devices are aimed at developers and businesses who have the financial clout to own them.

So what about everyone else? It still feels like we are some time away from Apple’s first foray into this space and it’ll probably be the same for Google. Who’s going to fill the void or perhaps even lead the space until then? Step forward Nreal, a startup based out of China headed by a former Magic Leap engineer that wants to bring mixed reality tech to living rooms everywhere in 2019.

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