Nike+ FuelBand SE Review After 3 Months

It’s been 3 months since I’ve been using the Nike’s FuelBand SE, which I bought in Las Vegas’s Nike store back in December.

This is the first wearable I’ve owned, I love it very much. I use it everyday, wherever I go, it’s always with me. Since I got it, I haven’t used my watches.


The FuelBand SE is an activity tracker device where you wear around wrist like a bracelet, it displays time, your steps, NikeFuel, it’s something like how many calories/energies you burned, but combining all activities throughout the day as fuel which makes working out like a game and fun (You can display how many calories burned separetely in setting), it can also track your sleep and wirelessly sync with your iPhone or computer via Bluetooth 4.0, you can check your detail information of activities and datas, sharing it with your friends on its app, Nike+ Fuel. If you are a social person and looking for a fun way to keep in fit, then the FuelBand SE is for you. It definitely helps me in fit.

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